Meet The Crabster CR200

Crabster CR200 is not one of your sea monsters but a crustacean inspired robot that weighs over half a ton. Crabster CR200 is the creation of Huan Jun and was developed by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) for high-risk deep sea explorations.

This six-legged manufactured sea explorer is 2.4m wide, 1.3m tall and 2.4m long. The six legs contain 30 motors and the overall weight of the Crabster CR200 is 650 kg. This incredible machine is  intended to efficiently work in stormy and deep waters of the ocean.

The machine can mimic the design of lobsters and crabs. It can creep along the ocean floor in aggressive waters where propeller-driven craft and divers cannot reach. The underwater machine can acclimatize its posture to the strong currents or varying pressure conditions underwater of up to 200 meters deep. There are on-board cameras installed for whatever objects of interest it can find underwater using its sonar. The robot will be able to move at a speed of 10 cm/second. The machine is also expected to accomplish survey and inspection of wrecks, checking pipelines, pollution, observing underwater ecosystems, underwater mining, looking for resources, take action to oil spills, and seabed mapping.

Crabster CR200 is still being currently tested and undergoes constant modification. Its first mission will be in May, it will be searching for ancient artifacts in the harsh environment of Yellow Sea – a place where various exploring crafts have failed. The Crabster CR200 will be expected to do more. it is continually being modified to undertake heavy-duty underwater tasks.